Killer Reels specialises in cutting footage for acting and presenting showreels providing each client with a polished portfolio ready to launch into the industry!
We also film interviews and shoot dynamic promotional videos for shows,
events and theatre companies.

Killer Reels was launched in February 2016 by actress and professional video editor Sarah Agha. 

As a member of BAFTA Crew and a trained video editor, Sarah can provide feedback both from a technical background (WCRS, Sky, Channel 4) and creative experiences as a performer.

Killer Reels has shot for DJ Fresh, Maverick Sabre, Jay Sean, Kent Jones, G-Eazy, Mr Scruff, Tom Zanetti and more. We have conducted shoots at Sony HQ and Wise Buddah Studios working with a number of different companies including Greenwich Theatre, 1883 Magazine, Equity UK, SPCK Publishing, Shoreditch Platform, Finablr, Shoreditch Radio and Media2Radio.

"Since working with Killer Reels I have had more screen auditions and finally feel that I am getting seen for the roles that fit me!" Oliver Cudbill, actor.

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