Recommendations from clients

Oliver Cudbill, actor

"Killer Reels have edited my showreels for years now and they always deliver the best possible service and top quality results. What makes me come back to them is their efficiency and the communication we have about my casting and the subsequent edit that best captures that.

I have had much more screen auditions and finally feel that I am getting seen for the roles that fit me!"

Constance Wookey, actress and comedian

"I highly recommend Killer Reels! Very quick turn around for a specific

promo video needed in New York for today. This lady nails a deadline.

Thank you Sarah!"

Drou Constantinou, actress and theatre producer

"If you want affordable, professional help go to Killer Reels. Sarah edited my showreel in the exact way I wanted but still put in her feedback in order to sell me in the best light. She was so accommodating and I am super pleased with the final result, looking forward to booking future gigs with it - would highly recommend!"

Rachel Stockdale, actress

"Killer Reels are fabulous - they gave me a completely personalised experience, editing together footage from jobs over the past two years. I would highly recommend them for personable, affordable showreels."

Georgia Verity, presenter and model

"Working with Killer Reels has been an absolute pleasure!

Sarah is committed, enthusiastic and provides the best service possible.

I cannot recommend Killer Reels enough - fantastic and fast results

catering to your every need!"

Waseem Abbas, actor

"For any actors in London looking to get sharp, professional reels done, I really recommend Killer Reels. Sarah is so great to work with, and being an actress herself, gives excellent feedback during the whole process."

Andrea Black, actress and musician

"Approaching Sarah was a great experience, her open approach and direction resulted in her editing a showreel that I am proud of. A remarkable talent in editing showreels that truly reflect the abilities of the actors - I would use her services again. Highly recommended!" 

Kate Finegan, actress and presenter

"Killer Reels provide such a personal and professional service. They brought out the very best in my presenting and made me feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera."

Louise McLoughlin, producer and presenter

"Killer Reels made my first presenting showreel which included filming and editing from scratch. The filming was professional yet relaxed and they collaborated with me through the whole editing process until I was completely satisfied with the result. I now have a reel that I am proud to send out as a representation of what I can do."

Julia Parlato, actress and producer

Sarah has an excellent eye for editing and helped me create a snappy reel that showcases the best of the footage from my past work. She worked with me to create the look and feel I was after and provided additional support and advice to help me select and organise my clips. Killer Reels helped me create a new reel that I’m really proud of and has helped me book more castings!

Clemmie Reynolds, director

"Sarah made a brilliant trailer for our play-in-development using material she filmed in our workshop rehearsals as well as cast interviews. Killer Reels delivered with speed and ease and the end product was slick, clean and punchy. Highly recommend!"